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Principal Message

Principal Message

Dear Parents,

Education is an unending life process and Queen's Sr. Secondary School, Haldwani stresses to be a gateway to this process. School life is valued to be the best experience of one’s life as a student of any school Indeed it is the phase of life where we learn to express to create to explore to inspire and to innovate thoughts and ideas. It is a child's school experience that sets the stage for success in life, leaves them with a lifetime of positive memories diverse ideas and values.

It gives me extreme happiness and pleasure to write down this heartfelt message because Queen’s Senior Secondary School has made many strides to keep up with the growing challenges of the modern world especially in the field of education. We do believe that communication builds up relationship therefore the need for instant communication between parents and the school is a priority in today’s dynamic environment thus to have an effective communication and to bridge the gap between you dear parent and the school we organized PTM and send message by e-care services. We also intend to increase your involvement in the growth and learning of your children. Our goal of education and co-curricular activities at Queen's is to teach our students to live confidently, to interact with other each, to love creation, to think freely and creatively and in one word to learn "To Be". Thus the focus of our education is the formation of young minds and to help them to evolve into the character of conscience, compassion, commitment, dedication and devotion.

It is indeed in and through education that we can hope for a harmonious society.
Thank You May God Bless you all!

Dr. B. B. Pandey