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Registration Admission

Registration Admission

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Parents of students can obtain registration forms from the school office and submit it duly filled in with necessary information before the given expiry date.

  • 1. Nursery or Playgroup-Children who have attained the age of 2.5 years or 3 years shall be eligible for admission to Nursery class.
  • 2. Kindergarten-Children above 3.5 years and below 5 years of age shall be eligible for admission to class L.K.G.-U.K.G.
  • 3. No admission is made until the child has passed the Entrance Test for the subjects - Hindi, English and Mathematics.
  • 4. Admitted students have to furnish the following documents at the time of admission.
    • a. T.C. from the previous school duly countersigned by the D.I.O.S./ B.S.A. of concerned district.
    • b. Nursery students have to submit Birth Certificate of their respective Municipal Boards.
    • c. The name and date of birth as recorded in the admission register cannot be changed.
    • d. All documents once submitted become the property of the school.